Fractal rotation

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#Fractal 1Fractal 2Fractal 3
1Molten BossShattered ObservatoryUrban Battleground
CURRENT2Volcanic ✔Snowblind ✔Nightmare ✔
NEXT3Aetherblade ✔Uncategorized ✔Thaumanova Reactor ✔
4Chaos IslesCliffsideTwilight Oasis
5Captain Mai Trin BossUnderground FacilityDeepstone
6NightmareSnowblindSolid Ocean
7Chaos IslesUncategorizedUrban Battleground
8DeepstoneCliffsideMolten Furnace
9Twilight OasisUnderground FacilityMolten Boss
10SwamplandShattered ObservatoryVolcanic
11SnowblindThaumanova ReactorAquatic Ruins
12Underground FacilitySolid OceanUrban Battleground
13Chaos IslesAetherbladeNightmare
14Captain Mai Trin BossCliffsideMolten Boss
15SwamplandDeepstoneSolid Ocean

Recommended Fractals

CURRENT2 Uncategorized33 Deepstone53 Underground Facility
NEXT6 Cliffside28 Volcanic61 Aquatic Ruins
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