Fractal rotation

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#Fractal 1Fractal 2Fractal 3
1Molten BossShattered ObservatoryCaptain Mai Trin Boss
3AetherbladeUncategorizedThaumanova Reactor
4Chaos IslesCliffsideTwilight Oasis
5Captain Mai Trin BossUnderground FacilityDeepstone
6NightmareSnowblindSolid Ocean
7Chaos IslesUncategorizedUrban Battleground
8DeepstoneSiren's ReefMolten Furnace
9Twilight OasisUnderground FacilityMolten Boss
CURRENT10Swampland ✔Shattered Observatory ✔Volcanic ✔
NEXT11Snowblind ✔Thaumanova Reactor ✔Aquatic Ruins ✔
12Underground FacilitySolid OceanUrban Battleground
13Chaos IslesAetherbladeNightmare
14Siren's ReefCliffsideMolten Boss
15SwamplandDeepstoneSolid Ocean

Recommended Fractals

CURRENT12 Siren's Reef40 Molten Boss67 Deepstone
NEXT8 Underground Facility31 Urban Battleground54 Siren's Reef
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